Bugsnax Update 2.0.64483 Patch Notes, New Features, Bug Fixes

By | May 4, 2022

The latest Bugsnax Update 2.0.64483 is out and all the players in this game are excited about it. We have brought you the patch notes of this new Bugsnax Update 2.0.64483 so that you can know about these changes made.

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Bugsnax Update 2.0.64483

Bugsnax Update 2.0.64483

Detailed Bugsnax Update 2.0.64483 Patch Notes

Let’s have a look at the complete patch notes of this latest Bugsnax Update 2.0.64483. Make sure that you read the detailed Bugsnax Update 2.0.64483 patch notes.

  • Fixed Uncapped FPS physics issues and it has returned to Settings->Display.
  • Fixed Chandlo getting stuck in final phase of Melon Boss.
  • Improved Daddy Cakelegs candle lighting.
  • Restored speed run path.
  • Fixed Cheddorb spawning during boss replay.
  • macOS: Removed unused dynalibs from app package contents.

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  • Fixed Triffany talking to nobody when Floofty isn’t around.
  • Ensure Broken Tooth time trial flare is visible if quest active.
  • Mothza Supreme tornados no longer turn black when Mothza Supreme is sauced.
  • Improved Lollive and Tikkada Masala getting stuck carrying objects.
  • Bugsnax frozen and punted by Scoopy Banoopy should properly be encased in ice instead of falling into a void.
  • Added blocker to prevent Chandlo from trying to walk into the wall forever when he has to poop.
  • Fixed Cellystix and Cheddaboardle Rex from being catchable while giant.
  • Fixed Triffany Broken Tooth Quest where quest dialogue would be unavailable on level restart.
  • Limited display of barn inventory to one Bugsnax per type.

  • Removed Uncapped FPS for now as there are too many small physics issues with the 120hz physics timestep that can prevent completing parts of the game.
  • Improved Snakgrappler.
  • Added contingency for Snorpy not reaching his spot in Major Celebration.
  • Fixed Cheddorb respawn issue and improved Cheddorb movement/forces.
  • Improved Buggy Ball to prevent spinning in a circle forever if retargeting or clearing autopilot.
  • Added workaround for Intel Surface Pro GPU hang/crash on DX11 using default Windows driver. If using an Intel driver on first launch the game will now switch to DX9 instead of DX11 which does not have issues. If you are currently having crashes on an Intel cpu please switch to DX9 in Settings->Display or update your Intel driver from the Intel website to latest instead of Windows supplied driver (may cause other issues on Surface Pro though).
  • Fixed rendering issue with frozen Pinkle.
  • Improved Falling mail challenge.
  • Fixed collision issues allowing you to leave level while in The Intruder sequence.

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So, these were the detailed Bugsnax Update 2.0.64483.

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