After its ban in India, PUBG Mobile suffered a huge deal. To remedy the situation, PUBG Corporation found a way to bring the game back to India.

PUBG will be getting new content soon with the arrival of Payload 2.0. But even though new content creates excitement for the community, the situation in India is still critical. PUBG Corporation needs to reassure its investors on short notice, so it is currently seeking solutions with other companies.

PUBG Cooperation Merging with Krafton.

PUBG Cooperation will be merged with Krafton Inc. on 2 December 2020. It Means PUBG Mobile will be returned to India after 2 December 2020. This is very happy news for PUBG players

Good News for PUBG Mobile Players! PUBG Mobile returning to India

A Huge Loss

September was a nightmare for PUBG Mobile, beginning of course with its ban in India. Following this event, its global downloads decreased by 26 percent. The game only saw 10.7 million downloads in September against 14.6 million in August. It was easy to know what was going to happen. After all, India is a key market for mobile games and esports.

In addition, the Indian community on PUBG Mobile spent more money on the game than the average player. Because PUBG Mobile had such a social impact in India, buying a few skins almost became a norm. The Indian community spent around $175 million on in-game purchases.

PUBG Corporation needed to find a solution to allow the Indian population to access the game again. Surrendering wasn’t an option. After all, the company decided not to make any big plans in that division.

PUBG Mobile back to India?

PUBG Mobile was banned for security concerns, especially related to players’ personal information. To be brought back to India, PUBG Corporation must find someone other than Tencent to operate its clients’ data.

Sooner this month, rumors started to appear online. PUBG Corporation was supposedly in heavy discussions with Reliance Jo, an Indian telecommunication company, to operate the famous mobile game. However, this company ended up abandoning the project without explaining its reasons publicly.

Airtel ended up as the next option to host the game. According to Entrackr, PUBG Corporation is desperate to find a solution. With Airtel having the upper hand, it will likely negotiate very good terms. The longer the company waits, the higher the number of fans they definitely lose is. And for a mobile game, the community basically means everything.

Another important part of why it needs to find a partner quickly is the competition. Multiple game developers see the ban of PUBG Mobile in India as a huge opportunity. For example, a new game, FAU-G, is supposed to launch later this month and likely hopes to take the now open audience.