Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.16 Patch Notes, How to Update – Changes Made, Improvements Made

By | June 9, 2022

The latest Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.16 is here and this new update has brought a lot of changes to the game. Due to this, they all want to know about the changes and new features added to the game through this new patch. That’s why we have decided to bring this guide to you.

Here, you will get to know about the new Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.16, its complete patch notes, what are the improvements and adjustments made to the game through this new patch, its downloading file size, as well as other information related to it. Let’s check out its patch notes without any delay.

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Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.16

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.16

Gran Turismo 7 is a popular and interesting simulator racing video game that a lot of gamers play on their PlayStation consoles. This game is developed by Polyphony Digital and its publisher is Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released in March 2022, for PS4 and PS5 consoles.

The developer of this game regularly brings updates to bring some improvements and changes. Even some updates bring major features to the game. In the series of these frequent updates, the latest Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.16 is released. This new update has made some adjustments and improvements to the game.

Downloading File Size:

If we talk about the downloading file size of this new update, it is not known yet. You can also check out the exact file size while updating Gran Turismo 7 to its new version.

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How to Update Gran Turismo 7?

You will have to select Gran Turismo 7 using the Options button. After that, click on Check for Updates option. The latest update available for this game will be checked and installed.

Detailed Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.16 Patch Notes

Now, it is time to check out the changes and improvements made to the game through this new Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.16.

Improvements and Adjustments

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  1. Car Settings
    • Fixed an issue where High Compression Pistons and Turbochargers were installed at the same time if certain inputs were performed.
  2. World Circuits
    • Rival cars’ wheel colors now match those displayed on the thumbnails in Lightweight K-Cup.
    • Fixed an issue where the time from the point of pit entry along with the actual pitstop time would be counted on some tracks such as Deep Forest.
  3. Multiplayer
    • Fixed an issue where selecting ‘Race Settings’ > ‘Start Type’ > ‘Grid Start with False Start Check’ in Lobby would result in the actual start times of each car to differ.
    • Fixed an issue where entering a room during a race in some instances would cause the background to disappear and the game to freeze when leaving the room.
  4. Steering Controller
    • Cars
      • SRT Tomahawk X Vision Gran Turismo
      • SRT GTS-R Vision Gran Turismo
      • Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV
    • Steering Wheels
      • Thrustmaster® T300
      • Thrustmaster® T500
      • Thrustmaster® T-GT
      • Fanatec® CSL Elite Racing Wheel
      • Fanatec® Podium
      • Fanatec® GT DD Pro
  5. Showcase
    • Fixed an issue where the progress bar of a video playback would not start from the beginning when playing a best lap replay in Showcase.
  6. Others
    • Various other issues have been addressed.

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Wrapping Up

We are wrapping up this article with the expectation that you have got all information related to the latest Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.16, the detailed changelog of this new update, its file size, and how to update your game to this new version, and much more. So, update your game to this new version now to get all these improvements and changes reflected in your game. If you have any questions related to this new update in your mind, then you can ask us in the comments below. We will help you in solving all your issues and queries.

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