PMCO Global Finals Standings: Day 3

PMCO Global Finals Standings: Day 3 is here as the PMCO Global finals is going on and today is third day of the match. Big teams from worldwide fight with each other to become winner winner and have chicken dinner.

PMCO Global Finals Standings: Day 3

Results of PUBG PMCO global finals: Day 3 is given below.

PMCO Global Finals 2019 Winners are:

  2. X-Quest
  3. Elite Esports
  4. RRQ Athena
  5. Bigetron

Are the First five winners and First three are from china. Check Detailed Point table and Winnings.

PMCO Global Finals Standings: Day 3

TeamRankKill PointsPlace PointsTotal
Bigetron#1 3011 41
X-Quest#2 229 31
TOP ESPORTS#3 1910 29
Elite Esports#4 166 22
Spacestation Gaming#5 148 22
All Rejection Gaming#6 122 14
Brazilian Killers#7 101 11
GC Busan#8 80 8
RRQ Athena#9 71 8
Purple mood#10 62 8
SNT#11 53 8
Nova eSports#12 41 5
Team SouL#1331 4
TeamUnique#1421 3
Scarz Black#1511 2
Team Queso#1602 2

Indian team “Team Soul” secured no #13 with total 4 points at the end of the day. The team “Bigetron” jumps up in today’s point table securing rank #1 with total 41 Points.

PMCO Global Finals Standings: Day 3 is quite good for Team Bigetron, RRQ athena also played well and won chicken dinner 3 times. But the kill points and place points of bigetron are more.

The Soul Mortal played very well in the 3rd day of PMCO global finals. The team can get only 4 points today and jumps to rank #13 for today.

PMCO Schedule: 3rd Day.

The matches are done on the following timing. The winners and Map information is given below.

Time MapWinners
16:00 Map: Sanhok Bigetron, Brazilian Killers, Elite Esports
17:00 Map: ErangelARG, Team Queso, RRQ Athena
17:50 Map: MiramarTOP ESP, RRQ Athena, Brazilian Killers
19:20 Map: Erangel TOP ESP, Bigetron, X-Quest
20:10 Map: Vikendi TOP ESP, Team Queso, Team Queso
21:10 Map: Erangel Bigetron, Team Queso, RRQ Athena

PMCO Global finals: Team Rankings (Winner)

These are the total rankings of the team in PMCO global finals. The team TOP Esports ranks #1 with points 344 with 2 winnings in tournament. The PMCO Global Finals Standings: Day 3 of team over the whole tournament is:

TOP ESPORTS#1 3442 /16 344
X-Quest#2 3241 /16 324
Elite Esports#3 2821 /16 282
RRQ Athena#4 2671 /16 267
Bigetron#5 2573 /16 257
Nova eSports#61792 /16 228
Team Queso#71730 /16 220
GC Busan#81702 /16 210
Purple mood#91600 /16 202
Spacestation Gaming#101600 /16 186
All Rejection Gaming#111561 /16 184
Team SouL#121541 /16 181
TeamUnique#131511 /16 168
Brazilian Killers#141210 /16 159
SNT#151110 /16 136
Scarz Black#16941 /16 101

The team Scarz Black is consistently loosing keeping their position down. The Brazilian Killers wins a chicken dinner on day 3 but still at the last 3rd place.

Soul Mortal PMCO Standings: Day 3

Soul Mortal PMCO Standings: Day 3

The Indian team Team Soul Ranks #12 with points 181. The Soul_owasis, Soul_viper, Soul_ronak and SoulMortal played very well in the whole tournament.

The Indian team is participating first time in these tournament. Even after having no experience to play on global platform under pressure, team is performing very well.

Even after being a new comers the Soul team is performing well and results of 3rd day is very decent. If you are soul team fan just keep supporting the team they will definitely do good next time.

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