Hello PUBG Players, Finally the PUBG Arctic mode is here. PUBG mobile is becoming very popular day by day. The reason is the continuous updates in every few months of interval.

In this 0.18.0 Update, we will see the new Arctic mode which consists of Drones and Cold storms. To prevent cold weather you have to burn fire using the lighter. Let’s see in detail what’s new in 0.18.0 update.

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode and Drone Mode
PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Update 0.18.0 (Cold Front Survival)

Note: This mode is only available in Vikendi Map. You have to select Evo-ground Mode to play in this mode.

Release Date: 16/04/2020

Version: 0.18.0

What’s new in 0.18.0 Update – Arctic Mode

You will get lots of cool stuffs like:

  • Drone Mode
  • Intense Cold Storm
  • Lighter (For Burning Fire)
  • Branches of Trees for Camp Fire
  • Chicken (For Hunting and Eating)
  • SnowBoarding
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Players will have to maintain their body temperature in the cold weather storms using Campfire otherwise health will decrease. A campfire can be used by burning the branches using lighter.

Players can also hunt the chickens which are added in the arctic mode. These chickens will be available in all over the map. You have to hunt them using weapons and roast them on the campfire. You can eat them to increase your health power.

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Drone Mode in PUBG Arctic Mode

The Drone mode is added in the Arctic mode of PUBG Mobile. The Drone will be available through the AIRDROP. You can use the drone using the remote and scout the area around you.

The Drone will show power and health bar. If drone power is low then the drone will stop working.

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Players now can enjoy the snowboard in arctic mode again. We previously used these in the winter festival of PUBG Mobile.

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When will 0.18.0 Arctic Mode Update Release?

The Arctic Mode (0.18.0 update) will be release on 16/04/2020. But the beta version is already live you can use it.

Will Arctic Mode available for Erangel and Miramar?

No, Arctic Mode is not available for Erangel and Miramar. This mode is only available for Vikendi map (EVOGROUND MODE ONLY)

Size of 0.18.0 Update (Arctic Mode)

You do not have to update the game data to play in this mode. It is free of cost.