PUBG Mobile Season 11 All Royale Pass Rewards Leaks
PUBG Mobile Season 11 All Royale Pass Rewards Leaks

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Update

Hello PUBG Players, I am going to tell you about PUBG Mobile upcoming Season 11 Leaks and Royale Pass Rewards here. In short, I am going to give you a short trailer about Season 11.

Season 10 is ending now, everyone is now excited for PUBG mobile’s new upcoming Season 11 Royale Pass Rewards. PUBG Mobile is bringing so many new exciting and cool rewards with Season 11. Hope you will like it.

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Watch Video Trailer

Video by MadTamisha

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Release Date

PUBG Mobile’s Season 11 is going to release on 9 January 2020 in the American and Asian Servers. You can directly purchase “Royal Pass Elite” and “Royale Pass Elite Plus“.

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The Release date could be sometimes different for different countries. It also depends on the International Time Zone. In china Season 11 already released. For countries like the USA, Canada, and Nothern countries it will release on 9 January 2020.

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Season 11 Rewards and Leaks

Everyone is excited and asking me about, PUBG mobile’s Season 11 rewards. Everyone is looking for Free Royale pass Rewards, Elite pass rewards, and Elite plus pass rewards.

here are the rewards are given below,

  • AUG Ebony Gold Skin (Black and White)
Ebony Gold Season 11 Pubg mobile
  • S686 – Frozen Flames
S686 Shotgun PUBG mobile season 11
  • Pan – Ice water to Flames
Season 11 Pubg Mobile Ice water flames
  • SS5 Avatar Box – Liu Ying
Season 11 Avatar Frame
Avatar Frame
  • Snow Mountain Elite Top
  • Wild Wolf Disco Emote
  • P1911 – Ice vs Flames.
P1911 - Ice vs Flames Season 11
  • Outfit – Snow Mountain Conqueror
  • Backpack Pendant – Frozen Flames

  • Dynamic Wave Dance Emote (Check this Free Emotes)
  • M24 – Frozen
  • Ice vs Fire Parachute
  • Outfit – Icefield Peasant (RP 100)

these are the rewards we will get after Season 11 update.

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Info

PUBG Mobile Season 11 : Update Date, Rewards and Leaks
PUBG Mobile Season 11 All Royale Pass Rewards Leaks

Now, I am going to tell you guys some interesting Updates and facts about season 11 update. As you know PUBG always introduces new and cool themes for their seasonal updates.

This time, PUBG Mobile brings Season 11 with the ICE vs Flames” theme. In this winter season, PUBG is really going to surprise their players by this update.

PUBG bringing new Ice Vs Flames Skins for Outfits and Weapons. This season you will get a Outfit – Icefield Peasant (RP 100) which has 2 types i.e., ICE and Flames.

PUBG Mobile Season 11 RP Emotes

PUBG is introducing 2 new cool dancing Emotes i.e., Wild Wolf Disco Emote (RP30), Dynamic Wave Dancing Emote (RP70). This emote will be available only in Elite and Elite Plus Royale Pass. “FOR MORE DETAILS WATCH VIDEO TRAILER ABOVE”

Season 11 FAQs