Hey Pubg players, the wait is now over. Here are the PUBG Mobile Season 13 release date and RP rewards leaks. Know here and get to experience the thrill of season 13.

As The PUBG mobile season 12 is going to end on 11/05/2020, season 13 will starts. I know you all are excited to know about the season 13 leaks and RP rewards. Here I am going to tell you and give you some leaks and hints about season 13.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Release dates

The Pubg Mobile season 13 is going to release on 13 May 2020, as soon as the season 12 ends on 11 May 2020. But there will be some differences in the time zone.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 RP (1 to 100RP) Rewards Leaks

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PUBG Season 13 Emotes

Pubg Mobile Season 13 emotes are here and ready to thrill you. Watch the below video:

Season 13 Emotes

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Gun Skins

PUBG is bringing new skins for Vector, m414, AUG A3, M16A, and AKM. This Gun skins will be available through various methods. Like, AUG A3 will be available through the tier reward.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Gun skins
PUBG Season 13 Gun skins

Vector will be given as a purchase reward. You can get M16A using the lucky spin. AKM skin will be available through the spin and is up-gradable.

PUBG Season 13 Tier Rewards

Tier Rewards are the rewards which is given to you when you reach a particular tier(Diamond,Crown or ACE). In season 13 there are 3 rewards for 3 tiers.

PUBG Mobile season 13 tier skins

PUBG Season 13 Spin Rewards

The Lucky spin event is known for its mythic items and rewards. In season 13 spin rewards so many cool items will be available for purchase.

New Pan Skins

There are two new Pan skins in season 13. Pans is always helpful to knock down your enemy when you run out of ammo. This new mythic skins will help you to impress your enemies and friends.

PUBG Mobile Season 13: Release Date, RP Rewards And, Leaks are here

100 RP Costumes

This is the most important item for every Royale pass holder. In season 13, two different outfits are given which is LAVA Superman and FLASH Superman. Once you reach rp 100, you will have the choice to choose 1 outfit. This outfit comes with the Voice and EMOTE.

PUBG Season 13 RP 100 outfits
Lava superman vs Flash Superman

PUBG Season 13 Theme

PUBG season 13’s theme is based upon ‘Toy Playgrounds‘ which basically looks like ‘Power Rangers SPD’. Season 13 theme is Toy Playgrounds where two 100rp rewards are given which looks like a Power Ranger.


Will PUBG season 13 Release Delayed?

No, As game developers works from home, season 13 release is not delayed and season 13 will release on 13 May 2020.

What is theme of PUBG Season 13?

The season 13 theme is ‘TOY Playgrounds’ and similar to the Power Rangers style.

What is the cost of season 13 royale pass?

Royale pass cost is similar as usual.

What is the name of 100RP outfit in PUBG SEASON 13?

The 100RP outfits name are LAVA superman and FLASH superman. This outfits looks like power ranger spd.