PUBG Mobile season 15 is ready to roll out on 15 September 2020, so here are some of the PUBG Mobile season 15 tier rewards leaks.

PUBG mobile is constantly getting popular day by day. This is because PUBG mobile brings new season updates every 2 months of time.

Season 14 is now nearly to end by 14 September 2020, and season 15 will release on 15 September. Erangel 2.0 will also release on 15 September but you can download the beta of Erangel 2.0 and PUBG MOBILE 1.0 here.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Tier Rewards Leaks

In season 15 pubg is going to surprise players by very amazing weapon skins and outfits. There are lots of new weapons which can be upgraded using the paint and other stuff. You can also customize them and taste the flavor you want to.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Tier Rewards Leaks

I am going to show you Season 15 tier rewards leaks for PUBG Mobile. You can get by reaching the tiers in classic matches, and completing 5 matches in that particular tiers.

Platinum Tier Rewards Leaks

The player has to complete 5 matches in the Platinum tier. Then these reward will be automatically unlocked. This time PUBG mobile giving a legendary outfit in the platinum tier reward.

PUBG Mobile Platinum Season 15 Tier Rewards Leaks
PUBG MOBILE SEASON 15 Platinum tier reward leaks

Diamond Tier Rewards leaks

You can receive this PUBG Mobile diamond tier reward just by completing 5 classic matches in Diamond tier or above.

This time PUBG mobile is giving an SKS(sniper rifle) legendary skin in the diamond tier reward.

PUBG Mobile Diamond Season 15 Tier Rewards Leaks
Diamond Reward Season 15 Pubg Mobile

Ace Tier Rewards Leaks

In season 15 Ace tier reward PUBG Mobile is giving a legendary parachute skin as usual. Same like previous rewards you have to complete 5 classic matches in ACE tier or Above.

PUBG Mobile ACE Season 15 Tier Rewards Leaks
Ace Tier Reward Season 15 PUBG Mobile

Conqueror Tier Rewards Leaks

Being a conqueror is a dream of every PUBG player. Also for this Conqueror reward you have to complete 5 matches in Conqueror tier.

If you having a problem in Rank pushing, check out How to reach conqueror and push your rank easily?

In season 15, you will get an Avatar Frame as a conqueror tier reward. The leaks of conqueror tier rewards are given below.

PUBG Mobile Conqueror Season 15 Tier Rewards Leaks
Conqueror Reward Season 15 PUBG mobile.

3 New Weapon Skins

In season 15, players can get 3 new fully upgradable weapons through crate opening. You can check the crate opening trick to increase your chances of getting rewards.

The 3 fully upgradable weapons season 15 leaks are:

  • UZI
  • Vector
  • M24


A fully upgradable skin of UZI is coming out in the season 15 events. You can upgrade them using the upgrading material and paints.

UZI up-gradable skins in season 15 leaks
UZI up-gradable skins in season 15 leaks


A fully upgradable and customizable skin of M24 bolt action rifle is coming to hit the fans of PUBG Mobile.

M24 up-gradable skins in season 15 leaks
M24 up-gradable skins in season 15 leaks

This will be biggest gift from the PUBG to the weapon skin lovers


Vector is also coming with full customization and upgradability.

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