Finally, the wait is over. The PUBG Mobile Season 15 is ready to rock the floor again. Check out the PUBG MObile Season 15 RP Rewards i.e., Royal Pass Missions Rewards and Skins.

PUBG mobile is popular and addictive due to the amazing updates it provides. There is still 1 month left for the end of Season 14 and the PUBG Mobile season 15 RP leaks are here.

Let’s see what PUBG mobile is giving in the name of Season 15 RP rewards. You can also check PUBG Mobile season 15 tier rewards.


There so many cool outfits and upgradable weapons in the season 15 RP rewards. You can directly watch the video by youtuber or you can just read about it below.

As the Season 15 and PUBG MOBILE 1.0 Version is going to release at the same time, there will be a huge change in the game and gameplay itself. PUBG Mobile 1.0 is coming with ERANGEL 2.0 which has very improved graphics.

Also, there is a possibility of releasing PAYLOAD 2.0 which has many weapons and vehicles.

RP Rewards Video:

PUBG Mobile season 15 rp rewards

Weapons in Season 15 RP rewards

The weapons are given below which is going to be in Season 15 RP Rewards. AKM and M416 will be upgradable where P90 SMG will be in the free RP reward category.

  • AKM upgradable
  • M416 upgradable
  • P90 Gun Skin(FREE MISSIONS)
  • Scorpion Skin
  • m1014 Shotgun (Livik map only)
  • New Rocket Launcher (Payload 2.0)

Outfits in Season 15 RP rewards

  • Legendary upgradable suit on 100RP
  • Legendary suit on 50RP
Outfits in Season 15 RP rewards

Vehicles in Season 15 RP rewards

  • Bike skin
  • Car skins (rumored)
  • Armored UAZ (in payload 2.0)
  • Remote Controlled Plane (Payload 2.0)

Face Craft in Season 15 RP rewards

The face craft is going to release in the season 15 update.

Face Craft in Season 15 RP rewards


IS there any companion in Season 15?

Yes, there will be a dog as a companion to the player. Like the pigeon, you can upgrade the companion. It is not a confirmed officially but from our sources, we can say that there will a dog as a companion to the player.

Is there new type of CAR skins?

Yes, it is a great move by PUBG but, unfortunately, these new types of luxury cars will be available for a short time of period.

What is the theme of Season 15?

The season 15 is coming by the collaboration of PUBG Mobile and Metro exodus. That’s why we think that season 15 theme should be Halloween based. Season 15 can be based on Halloween based story. So, in short the season 15’s theme is Halloween.