PUBG Season 10 released now! The new map is the main update.

By | December 16, 2020

Playerunknown Battlegrounds also referred as PUBG is the very popular online battleground game and becoming more popular day by day. PUBG just released its latest hot update PUBG Season 10 update. In this update PUBG is going to make your day by this key features given below.

PUBG season 10 update key points

The most interesting and attraction seeking update in Season 10 is the new “Haven Map”. Haven map is based on a former industrial town in the US Rust Belt.

  1. Haven Map (new map)
  2. AI enemies (guards and commanders)
  3. Survival is important than fights
  4. Pillar supply cache
  5. New survivor pass (breakthrough)
  6. Emergency parachute

These updates are added in the PUBG PC season 10 update. It is a good update than then season 9 according to the game players. Now let me introduce you guys to the update thoroughly.

Haven Map

Haven map is the new map added in PUBG PC which is based upon the old US iron factories known as US Rust Belt. This map contains cramped buildings and spaces to fight with the enemies. The interesting this is there are new AI powered enemies which plays the role of guards and commanders. This AI powered enemies will make the game more challenging.

New AI-Powered Enemies

As I told you, there are two types of AI-powered enemies; guards and commanders. These guards and commanders are simply computer bots just like other shooting games. But in PUBG PC they will be randomly roaming in the map-making the game more challenging. This will be the most loved update for adventurous game players.

Pubg PC season 10 update AI-powered guards and commanders

Survival is important

To make the game more like a community, not just a shooting game, PUBG season 10 is based on giving importance to survival rather than intense fights. This will make the players more engaged in-game, as said by PUBG corporation. But lets see what happens.

Pillar Supply Cache (only for Haven map)

The Pillar Supply Cache is introduced in PUBG season 10 replacing the care packages. This feature will be only available on the Haven map. The Pillar commanders are protecting the Pillar Supply Cache that’s why you have to get the key from the first. Finish the guards and commanders to get the key and Pillar cache.

PUBG pc pillar suppy cache and guards

Using this Pillar supply cache you can get high powered and powerful gears like guns and armors. The commander can provide you best and powerful armor once you kill them.

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