Most of the peoples are asking me for, Best 2 Finger Claw Setup Layout for PUBG Mobile. So I did research on this topic and select some OP layouts and Setup which will Definitely Get you ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’.

Some Peoples might start comparing between 4 Finger Layout VS 2 Finger Layout. I am going to answer that question.

Fact: 30% of Conquerers Uses 2 Fingers Layout to Play PUBG Mobile.

Now, Without wasting time I am going to show you some of the Best PUBG layouts for 2 Finger Claw Setup.

Best 2 Finger Claw Layout Setting

Best 2 Finger Claw Layout Setting
Best 2 Finger Claw Layout Setting
  • In Above 2 Finger Claw Layout, You are using left for movement, And Right for Aiming+Firing at a time.
  • “Scope and Jump” Buttons are placed with the Fire button. This will Help Jumping and Firing Instantly (Useful for TDM Sniping)
  • Crouch and Prone are placed at the bottom of the Fire button. Which makes easier to prone or crouch while worst-case scenario.
  • Peek and Scope are Placed at the Left Top corner. Which can be used by the Index finger or Left Thumb.
  • It is better than the 4 Finger Claw layout.

Simple 2 Finger Claw Layout

My friend uses the below layout and he had Kill-Ratio of 4-5. He succeeds to maintain his Kill ratio good as a 4 Finger Control Claw Player

PUBG 2 finger claw control setup.jpg
Simple 2 Finger Claw Layout

2 Finger Claw Layout for Notch Mobiles

You can use the above Claw Controls for Notch Mobiles. You just have to adjust the layout by 1cm. You can disable the notch on many mobile phones.