Hello Fortnite players, Recently there is news spreading everywhere that Fortnite will shut down in 2020. All Fortnite players are worried and want to know the truth about “When is Fortnite Shutting Down”? So in this article, we have fully explained whether it is true or fake news.

When is Fortnite Shutting Down
When is Fortnite Shutting Down

When is Fortnite Shutting Down in 2020?

As per some websites, Fortnite will shut down on 21st November 2020 and many other websites saying that game servers are shutting down on that day. Because of this news, all Reddit threads and social media is filled with questions like when Fortnite is shutting down?

We have a straight answer for this. Fortnite shut down news is fake. Yes, it’s fake, therefore there is no need to worry for all Fortnite lovers. Our Fortnite Game will never shut down because of its huge popularity.

Fortnite Shutting Down Rumors

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world. Millions of players play Fortnite daily. But some websites are irresponsible and they want to gain visitors by spreading fake news and rumors about Fortnite Shutting Down. Players should always confirm these types of news from official sources. Therefore we have investigated and found that some fake websites are spreading fake news.

Are Fortnite Servers Shutting Down in 2020?

Many players are saying that Fortnite game may not shut down but their huge server is going to shut down on 21st December 2020. But there is no such news from any official Fortnite news source. And even Fortnite server shut down, isn’t mean that game will shut down. Fortnite is a highly popular game and it has regained its popularity in 2019. Therefore Fortnite developer Epic Games will never do the mistake of shutting down Fortnite game ever.

How to confirm true or fake news about Fortnite?

After this fake news of ” When will Fortnite Shutting Down in 2020?” Every Fortnite player wants to confirm whether it’s true news or fake news. There are official news sources of Fortnite and Epic Games. Players should follow Fortnite’s official Twitter account and Epic Games official Twitter account. All news updates about the Fortnite game get announced from here.

Earlier in 2019 Fortnite Story mode was discontinued bt Epic Games . Fortnite is one of the best selling games in gaming history. Fortnite game is developed by  Epic GamesPeople Can Fly. This sandbox construction game development started in May 2009 and the game was released on 18 November 2011. In 2019 game has completed 10 years. More than 33 million copies of Fortnite Java edition are sold to date. After this rumor about “Fortnite Shutting Down”, every Fortnite lover is worried.

But as we clarified that there is no official source for this new and its just a rumor. This news was spread by channel45news.com. Inside the post, the site clarifies that this is a prank and all information given on the website is false. Fortnite’s official twitter handle and youtube channel are the only official sources for any news regarding Fortnite. Check below latest tweet and youtube video by Fortnite Official.

Youtube Video:

We have checked all videos and tweets from Fortnite officials. There is nothing about Fortnite Shutting down.


So as per official sources, Fortnite Shutting Down news is totally false news and players need not worry.

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