In this article, we are going to discuss the PUBG mobile error codes meaning and there fixes. Stay tuned!

PlayerUknown’s battleground is the most successful game in the history of online gaming. This is also known as PUBG in short. Players love the PUBG because of its graphics and realistic gaming mechanics.

Despite having this kind of tremendous success PUBG still has many bugs and flaws. Players daily report the Error they encounter during playing the game. This error is so annoying and irritate the PUBG players.

PUBG Mobile Error Codes Meaning and Fixes

Every PUBG mobile error has some unique PUBG ERROR CODE by which you can recognize your exact reasons. Most of the peoples do not know about the PUBG ERROR CODE MEANINGS. In this article, I am going to share with you all about the PUBG error Code meaning and Fixes.


PUBG Error codes are a numerical code number given to the specific error occurred during the game. This number tells the user to look for a specific error fix in the solution manual. These numerical codes are 9 digits long and can be searched by directing typing into google or our website.


The PUBG mobile error codes pop up when the game experience a problem in the compilation. These error codes are useful for easy problem detection and solutions. Any person can simply search for the solution of PUBG errors by using google.

Now I know you want the meaning of these error codes. So hang on!


These are the meaning of the error codes of PUBG mobile. I know you want the meaning along with the solutions. So don’t worry about that I have that information in the below.

1) Pubg Mobile Error code 154140716

This Error happens due to “INTERNET ISSUES” or any firewall problems. If you playing the game version of another country you will get this type of problem. Otherwise, there is something wrong in your device.

How to fix Pubg Mobile Error code 154140716?

If you are using another game version then goto SETTINGS>NETWORK>VPN>Check for VPN connection working properly.

Or just install any VPN app from play store and activate it.

How to fix Pubg Mobile Error code 154140716?

You can also clear the CACHE FILES and RESTART THE GAME.

2) Pubg error code 556793879

This Error also happens due to some “INTERNET ISSUES” or any firewall problems. If you playing the game version of another country you will get this type of problem. Otherwise, there is something wrong in your device.

Pubg error code 556793879

How to fix Pubg Mobile Error code 556793879?


3) Pubg error code 554762241

ERROR code 554762241 stands for BAD INTERNET CONNECTION. You will see this after showing the “Updating Download List” in the left corner.

Pubg error code 554762241

How to fix Pubg Mobile Error code 154140712?

  • TRY CHANGING the Router
  • Try using VPN
  • TRY HOTSPOT of another network or device
  • DELETE CACHE and Restart

Also, Check “PUBG ESP HACK”

4) Pubg error code 554827783

The PUBG is a very popular game but also comes with some errors and bugs. The ERROR code 554827783 Stands for the bad connection of your mobile device with the server. This error has some reasons, If you are playing another country’s version these problems will occur. If you are using a VPN service this problem will appear.

HOW to Fix the PUBG ERROR CODE 554827783?

To fix this problem you have to disconnect all the existing connections. Then just clean the cache and turn off the VPN. Then, just simply use TurboVPN or Reinstall the PUBG.

5) Pubg error code 554827799

This error code stands for Unstable Network Connection or Internet Connection. This is a very common error occurs during the game.

Pubg error code 554827799
Pubg error code 554827799

Error Code shows the message “Update Download failed. Please make sure you have a stable connection. (Code:554827799)

How to fix Pubg Mobile Error code 554827799?

To fix this PUBG Error 554827799, you should have a fast broadband or data connection.

  • First of all check for enough DATA available.
  • Connect your device to WIFI
  • Then try again
  • Reinstall the game if error still exists.

6)Pubg error 154140712

This PUBG error code stands for INTERNET ERROR. Showing up the solution that Please check your network and try again. ERROR CODE:154140712(Tap cancel to exit game)

Pubg error 154140712
Pubg error 154140712

How to fix Pubg Mobile Error code 154140712?

To fix this error code 155150712, you need to follow some simple steps as given below. First of all check for the DATA connection available or not.

  • Go to Settings>Network>APN> (use default)
  • Check that the GFX tool is off.
  • Clean cache
  • Reinstall the game using another network.

7) PUBG mobile error code 556793874

PUBG Mobile Error code 556793874 stands for ‘Freezing up the Updating of game’. When you try to launch PUBG Mobile, ‘Checking Updates…’ and ‘Preparing Resources…’ shows up with an error message “Unknown error. Please restart your device and try again. Error code: 556793874 (Tap cancel to exit game). It shows only the OK button, which closes the game.

How to fix PUBG Mobile Error code 556793874?

To fix this error you have to follow simple steps given below.

  1. Turn off the Adblocker
  2. Visit Playstore
  3. Download any VPN
  4. Clear cache and open game
  5. If this method does not work, Then try reinstalling the game without using a VPN.

This is all about the PUBG Mobile Error codes meaning and fixes. Hope you guys find it useful. Share if you liked and Bookmark us for latest PUBG news and tricks.