Why PUBG is Addictive? How to STOP Playing?

By | June 11, 2019

Here we are going to discuss about Why PUBG is addictive? How to stop playing? I gave some points why pubg is addictive and solutions of it.

Why PUBG is Addictive? How to STOP Playing?

PlayersUnknown Battleground is a PC and Mobile based game developed by a Chinese game company Tencent. After its release the game rapidly grows all over the world. These rapid grow of PUBG is due to the Quality and Type of the game.

Nowdays, Due to several facts the PUBG becomes the most addictive game in the world. These addiction is increasing in teens and affecting their daily life.

1) It is a Temporary Escape from Problems

PUBG is a temporary escape from your problems. It gives a sense of pleasure which will make you feel in comfort zone. It is just like a Alcohol and drugs.

Solution: Instead of running from challenges go and try to face them. Convert your problems From Problems => Challenges.

2) Social Activity Is involved

PUBG is a online game therefore it involves other players like you. This builds a social platform to form a team and to connect socially with other peoples.

Solution: Try communicating with peoples around you. Take seminars or meet new peoples. Think about your Future.

3) Gives you precise Mission and a sense of purpose

These Game will give you a precise mission and clear goal, hence this will create a sense of purpose in yourself. Which will make you feel good for the moment.

Solution: Give yourself goal in real life, Think about what do you want to become. Think what you want in your life and how will you achieve it.

4) Rewards and Ranks

PUBG will keep constantly motivating you by giving Rewards (skins and batches) and Ranks. These will bring more interest to play these game.

Solution: Reward yourself when you do something creative. Playing PUBG is not creative, Find something creative and reward yourself constanly.

5) Live your Fantasy

PUBG gives you a opportunity to become a hero in these game. Becoming a hero or soldier is fantasy of most of peoples.


6) Initial Investment

Initial investment to play these game is very low. You only have to open your mobile and start playing the game. It does not requires money or struggle.

Solution: Uninstall game whenever you plays. Reinstalling is struggle for you hence you will not reinstall it.

7) Habit of Addiction

Habbit of addiction is same for all type of addictions. When you do something which is your habit you do not think too much. Every habit take atleast 21 days to leave.

Solution: Join a gym, Work hard and do not play pubg till 21 days. Just think about your future.

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That is all about it.. Playing PUBG for limited time period is also good but playing for more time will effect your life very badly.

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